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Omni API

Simple REST API wrapper for the Omni infra-structure.


OMNI_BASE_URLstrThe base URL that is going to be used for API connections (defaults to http://localhost:8080/mvc/).
OMNI_OPEN_URLstrThe open URL for the Omni connection (defaults to OMNI_BASE_URL).
OMNI_PREFIXstrThe default prefix to be used for API requests (defaults to adm/).
OMNI_IDstrThe client id to be used for API connections (defaults to None).
OMNI_SECRETstrThe secret key to be used for API connections (defaults to None).
OMNI_REDIRECT_URLstrThe URL to be used for redirection OAuth based workflow (defaults to base,base.user,base.admin,
OMNI_USERNAMEstrThe username to be used on direct workflow (defaults to None).
OMNI_PASSWORDstrThe password to be used on direct workflow (defaults to None).


Typical usage of the Omni client implies the providing of the username and the password inside the target omni instance (Direct Mode).

api = omni.Api(
    base_url = "",
    username = "YOUR_USERNAME",
    password = "YOUR_PASSWORD"

Alternatively it's possible to use the api throught an OAuth base approach using the provided client id and secret values.

api = omni.Api(
    base_url = "",
    client_id = "YOUR_OAUTH_ID",
    client_secret = "YOUR_OAUTH_SECRET"

For these type of handling the OAuthAccessError exception must be handled and then the user must be redirect to the url provided by api.oauth_autorize method call.

Running then the api.oauth_access call with the returned code from the server side that should be used to redeem the access_token required for session authentication.


Examples are located here.


Omni API is currently licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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